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Are You Frustrated From Getting Bombarded By Sales And Marketing People Every Day?

Let’s address the elephant in the room right off the bat!

As a business owner, you’re receiving dozens of emails and calls from sales and marketing people promising you more clients and customers. You’re sick and tired of it. All you want is to grow your business to provide for your family and have security for your future.
The real truth is you must do something regarding marketing for your business or you will die a slow death (most of the time). The statement “you’re either growing or dying” is very applicable to most businesses.

Guilty As Charged

Being a marketing agency owner myself, we are always trying to find creative ways to get in front of you as we also have no choice but to continue taking action to grow our business. This does involve email, calls, direct mail and Linkedin. We see how hard it is to get your attention, and we get it!
We know deep down we can help you and truly want to partner with you to help you grow your business and revenues but you are not open to talking with us as we are viewed as just another sales guy hassling you.

We have a dilemma on both sides, don’t we?

What Marketing/Sales Person Should You Listen To?

When you get these invasive calls or emails is it worth your time to listen to them? Here’s a few things we try to do but with all the noise out there we still only reach a few of you on any given day.
Ask questions. If you get an email or call and the person is wanting to know about you and your specific situation (problems, pains and frustrations) that’s a good sign. If they come out of the shoot making promises that’s not good, because none of us in marketing can make those kinds of promises.
Make it about you. Following along from the above ‘questions’ tip, are they talking more about you or them? Are they trying to pitch you (and close you) right there on the call (or email)? If all you hear from them is “I” and “we” they are not focused nor care about you.
Do they listen more than talk? When you are on the phone are they doing most of the talking or are they giving you a chance to talk? We know you are busy, so time is a valuable commodity for you, so a long call is not going to happen right off the bat. But if they are asking good questions, you should be doing most of the talking not them.
Respect your time and are brief. This initial cold call or email should be brief. We try to make it 2 minutes or less unless you want to talk more, and of course, we will continue the conversation. If you are intrigued initially when you get the call or email, and they respect your time and request another call to explore opportunities, it might just be worth your time.
Okay…I hope this article title got your attention and you made it all the way through to here.
If you did…

Your Next Step

If you want to grow your business (and revenues) contact our founder Mike Pedersen to get on a live call where he will share his computer screen with you to give you tips that you can immediately implement to increase conversions (calls) to your business.

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