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Differentiate Your Services...So You Stand Out and Attract Your Ideal Customers

Together, we’ll elevate your visibility, engagement and conversions into a consistent revenue stream.

Here's How To Thrive In Today's Competitve Environment

It's quite clear, doing the same thing is not working for many businesses. It's time for a change!

This book is a guide to transforming your business from sounding like all the others to being the “choice.” 

I do not mix words in this book. It’s for growth-driven business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are willing to “own their outcome.”

This will be a journey you won’t want to miss. Let’s go!

Here's How
To Grow Your
Visibility & Increase Your Opportunities

Business Revamp

Together we will revamp your entire business offering and messaging to create a cohesive and hollistic brand that will take your business to the next level.
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Dynamic Website

We'll create a website that not only looks good, but will set you apart and create a brand that separates from all the others in your market.
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Content Impact

We will work together to create content that resonates with your ideal prospects and entices them to take action now, rather than leaving
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Business growth doesn’t happen without a digital strategy and execution. There are several critical elements that have to be your focus, to capitalize in the digital world.

Our Work

Here's How To Grow Your Revenues

Website Design

Looking for custom website design for your business? We will create a website built for conversions and loved by google.
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Content Marketing

We will create custom content for your business that converts visitors into buyers. Our proven process will fix your conversion problems.
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Video Marketing

Video content is exploding. Look at youtube, Instagram, TikTok and others. Strategically designed and scripted videos convert.
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If you’re a business that wants to grow it is critical to implement digital strategies that work. Have you tried marketing before and felt like you wasted your money? It’s time to end the madness.

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Michael Pedersen, Digital Strategist, Two-Time Author, Business Coach

What You Get...

Consulting with Michael Pedersen Is More Than Just Web Design

You’re not just getting a new website but investing in a powerhouse strategy to elevate your business. With 23 years of experience in Internet marketing, Michael has built a 7-figure business online, amassed 93,000 subscribers, and created thousands of evangelists for his businesses. Imagine what it will be like to know your new business website is now one of your biggest assets in your business.

Your engagement with Michael is a collaborative process. This isn’t about slapping together a few web pages but crafting a lead-generating, authority website optimized to dominate your market. 

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