Adaptive Design Strategist

Value Differentiation Assessment


Answer the following questions honestly. Your responses will help you understand where your business stands in terms of differentiating through value. At the end, you’ll receive a score that will guide you on potential areas of improvement.


    A = 4 points
    B = 3 points
    C = 2 points
    D = 1 point

    Score Range and Interpretation:

    36-40: Your business excels in differentiating through value. Keep up the great work and continue innovating.
    30-35: You’re on the right track but there are areas for improvement. Focus on enhancing your value communication and measurement.
    20-29: Your differentiation strategy needs more focus. Prioritize understanding and communicating your unique value.
    10-19: Your business struggles with value differentiation. Revamp your strategy to emphasize value in all customer interactions.

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