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Do you ever lie awake at night, tormented by the thought that while you were grinding away, your competition was silently, invisibly siphoning away your hard-earned prospects? Those same competitors, possibly with lesser products or services, seem to always be two steps ahead in the digital arena.

What about those nights when you’ve revisited every decision, wondering where you went wrong? Was it the seemingly state-of-the-art website that turned out to be nothing more than a hollow shell? Or perhaps it was the latest marketing strategy that promised the moon but didn’t even deliver dust?

And it’s not just about the lost opportunities. It’s about the damage to your brand’s reputation, the whispering in industry circles, the silent judgment. “They’re out of touch,” they say. “They’ve fallen behind.” Every missed lead, every unsatisfied click, every abandoned cart—they’re not just numbers. They are glaring testament to a disjointed digital strategy.

I’ve heard from hundreds of business owners the frustration at investing in marketing and they feel it just doesn’t work. Can you relate? You’ve invested thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in websites, marketing, advertising and even social media and nothing to show for it. 

But What If You Could Turn It All Around?

Imagine a world where every digital asset you have doesn’t just exist—it performs. It’s not about throwing money blindly into the digital void anymore. It’s about targeted, strategic, and laser-focused interventions that tackle each pain point head-on. This is your Strategic Digital Transformation.

Feel the rush of seeing your digital platforms transformed into powerful conversion tools. Witness the rejuvenation of a brand that not only attracts but also retains and converts.
Your prospects don’t just want another cold interaction. They’re yearning for value, connection, trust. And that’s precisely what we’ll build together—an unbreakable bond between your business and its audience.

So, ask yourself this: Are you ready to take back control? Are you ready to not just compete, but dominate? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then it’s time for a digital transformation—a transformation that addresses the core of your pains and propels you to unprecedented heights.

You Are One Click Away From Transforming Your Business

When You Complete The Course, You Will…

  • Leverage Your Brand To Drive Results
  • Convert Visitors Into Buyers
  • Uncover The 5 Critical Website Killers
  • Convert Visitors Into Buyers
  • Be The Go To Authority In Your Market 
  • Align Your Web Presence With Outcomes 

Enroll now and get on a path to harness your competitive advantage! Take the first step towards taking your business to the next level. Act now to secure your exclusive spot in this “first of its kind” transformative learning experience.

The regret that comes with the failure to act on personal improvement can have its consequences: missed opportunity, heightened stress and anxiety, negative repercussions, and a feeling of hopelessness.

*As an added bonus, participants who complete the course, will receive a free, signed copy of Dominate Your Market book!

Become part of an exclusive event with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

“Digital Business Transformation” – for only $500

This offering is a strategic step towards transforming your business.

Note: If you want to jump ahead of the course to have me work alongside you,
including a new, high-converting, optimized website . . .
contact me directly. 
If you’re not yet convinced of the value this course will bring to you, your business, and career aspirations,
check out the course description and agenda below:

Digital Transformation Course

Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next Level

4 Week Course Agenda

All sessions will be one hour in length except week I which will be 90 minutes.

Course Description:

Embark on a four-week journey with our Digital Business Transformation course, meticulously designed to catapult your business into a new echelon of digital excellence. Week by week, we unravel the true essence of digital metamorphosis—demystifying myths, defining its authentic value, and targeting exponential growth.

You’ll learn to align your brand’s vision with actionable strategies that resonate deeply with your clients’ needs, creating a market-dominating position that sets you apart. Dive into the anatomy of successful websites, understand the magnetism of effective digital marketing, and position yourself as the unequivocal authority in your niche. This course isn’t just an investment in your digital presence—it’s a commitment to turning your business into a beacon of innovation and customer-centric success.

Week I: How A Digital Transformation Will Take Your Business To The Next Level

  • Here’s what people think it is, here’s what it really is
  • True digital transformation and the value to your business.
  • Aiming at 10x
  • Knowing the difference between features, benefits, results.
  • Matching vision, objectives and actions in your business.
  • Having a client-centered mindset – foundational throughout this course.

Week II: Market Dominating Position

  • USP on steroids
  • Differentiate your business from everyone else.
  • Unique benefit to your customer
  • Value proposition – most important vale to them.
  • Think of your customer – not your offering

Week III: Critical Website Components

  • Why do websites fail?
  • Effective components you need to understand.
    • Hero section
    • Homepage elements
    • Leveraging your About page
    • It’s not just a contact us form.
    • CTA’s
    • Maximize your SEO

Week IV: The Gravitational Pull of good digital marketing

  • The Buyer Life Cycle.
  • Initiating an offer of maximum value
  • Email capture, high value emails,
  • Personal brand
  • Establishing you as the obvious expert/personal brand development

I’ve been where you are, and I’ve emerged on the other side with not just solutions, but transformative strategies. It’s not about applying a one-size-fits-all band-aid. It’s about diving deep, understanding your unique challenges, and crafting a bespoke strategy that transforms your digital journey from end-to-end.

This is your call to action. Your wake-up alarm. A future where your business doesn’t just survive but thrives is possible. It’s time to stop settling for mediocrity.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

There are so many “guru’s” over-promising and massively under-delivering regarding marketing and business growth. I have 23 years of Internet Marketing and Strategy under my belt. I single-handedly built a 7-figure (real business) online in the early 2000s that amassed a global customer base. I implemented content and video marketing, along with lead generation strategies, to build a newsletter list of 93,000 subscribers and my website was getting 30,000 unique visitors every month. I am confident I can help you take your business to the next level with this digital transformation offering.

Only 10 Spots Available!

Due to the bespoke nature of this intimate, online course via Zoom, I’m working exclusively with only 10 growth-driven individuals. Once it’s filled, I’m not sure when I will do this again. If you strongly desire to grow in 2024, act now!

Here’s What Monte Had To Say...

“With Michael’s guidance, I filled all the seats for my first online course in less than a week!

Nine months ago, I was in digital purgatory with a website that was doing nothing for my business. Then I met Michael Pedersen and his team. My digital footprint accelerated at a 10X pace. I retained Michael and enjoyed working with them to rebuild my website thoroughly, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the beginning, their team demonstrated remarkable expertise and creativity, turning this digital neophyte into a novice and now a highly competent and knowledgeable website owner.

They went above and beyond to help me get my site more organized, interactive, and compelling to potential clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael and his team to anyone needing a company that does more than design and build websites. They exceeded my expectations in every way, and I’m grateful for their outstanding work.”

Monte Pedersen (no relation) Principal, The CDA Group LLC

Here’s What Jamie Had To Say...

“Working with Mike on our digital transformation journey has been an incredibly insightful and rewarding experience. His expertise in the field is evident, guiding us through a comprehensive digital overhaul that significantly enhanced our marketing strategies. The result is a notable increase in our reach and leads, setting a new standard for our digital presence. Mike’s approach is highly professional and engaging, making the complex digital transformation process both manageable and enjoyable. I’m confident that his upcoming online course will offer participants a valuable glimpse into the potential of a full digital transformation.

Jamie Kriegel, Founder, Scrum Masters of the Universe

Here’s What Joe Had To Say...

“I came to Mike for a website redesign, and he explained the difference of “just a website redesign” and a business transformation. They are totally different. One is about “me” and how I look to the outside world, and the other – the business transformation helps support my clients by giving them the tools and guidance they need. He helped me create an ecosystem of value-generating approaches for my clients 24/7.

Joe Murphy, Managing Director of CrossXcurrent 

This Is Not For Everyone

This is a small investment in YOU! This course is selectively designed for those genuinely committed to transforming their business. It’s ideal for individuals ready to invest time and resources. I’m looking for clients with a growth mindset, who are open to new approaches, and who are willing to act on expert guidance within a group setting.

This Is Not Just A Website Improvement Course

This course transcends the ordinary. It’s a bespoke experience showing you the key elements to growing your business with a new approach to your digital footprint and presence. It’s a collaborative journey where we explore, adapt, and ascend together. You must play an active role, leveraging your unique business insight. Are you prepared to embark on this journey? It quite possibly will transform your business and your brand.