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How Local Digital Marketing Can Dominate Your Competition

The local business landscape has changed! For every business sector in any major city it has become very competitive. One of the most cost-effective (and trackable) ways to stay ahead of your competition is digital marketing.
Since everyone is online, that is where they are when they are looking for the services your business offers. It is very important for you to know where your ideal client/customer hangs out and be there. Whether that is Facebook, Instagram and of course google is at the top of the list.

Develop Your Customer Persona

You have an ideal customer/client. Sit down with your staff and do a brain dump of what this person looks like. For example, 45-year-old female, mother, has a job, likes home projects. This again is just an example.
Once you have this completed you can start developing messaging through your marketing (online) that speaks directly to your ideal customer/client. They will feel you know their needs. When you connect with your ideal customer/client like this, they will take action.
This does not mean you ignore content that speaks to the rest of your client/customer personas, just that your marketing/advertising does. Your website can be broader as to not alienate anyone.

Where Do They Hang Out

Now that you have your customer/client persona. Determine where they hang out online Is it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube or maybe Pinterest. Once you determine the top 2-3 places they hang out, your brand has got to be there. CONSISTENTLY!
As consumers when we start to see something more often it becomes top-of-mind. When you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel, new landscaping, a new roof, maybe even solar panels for your home, and you see a company that provides that consistently you are going to contact them. It’s a subliminal thing.
As a business owner, it is crucial you do this if you want to gain market share.

Determine Buyer Path

Now the last and most important item is how your ideal customer/client makes a purchase. Get your team together again and really hash this out. Come up with your buyer path (journey) that makes sense.
For example, the buyer path might be, they see your FB ad a couple of times. After the third or forth time seeing it, they click on it. Maybe it goes to your website. If your website is designed for conversions they may take action and contact you on that first visit. Research shows that website conversions upon first visit are low single digits, so most likely they will not take action.
If they don’t take action, they may check out your online reputation (google and maybe even Yelp reviews). If you have 30 or more 4.9 stars or above you are in a good position for them to now take an action.

Find A Marketing Partner

This can be a daunting task and so you may want to hire a digital marketing agency. It will save you a lot of time and headache. Just make sure you interview the agency and when you do listen. Are they asking specific questions about your business before they make promises? Do they have knowledge in your industry to be able to speak your language?

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