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Why Should You Do SEO If You Are A Local Business?

Why Should You Do SEO If You Are A Local Business? Local SEO local-seo / admin Today’s clients and customers rely on search engines to find products, services, business websites, and business locations. When they want to drink some coffee, they say, “Ok, Google, where’s the nearest café” and drive to the location using Google Maps. That’s why Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important marketing strategies available today. Local small businesses, in particular, can benefit from this marketing strategy. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should do SEO: Get Found When Someone Is Searching For Your Services Around 64% of local customers search online for products and services available locally. Approximately 50 % of them will visit the store or office they find within the same day. Google has a section of its search engine results page dedicated to local businesses that show up on Google Maps. This ‘3-pack’ is one of the most valuable placements in organic search. It is located at the top of a SERP and immediately catches people’s attention. Local 3-pack gives small businesses a competitive edge over large companies. The results are based on a user’s proximity, so only establishments that are closest to their physical location show up. Stable Google Maps rankings will bring more converting customers to your doorstep. Brand Visibility Companies must have a unique and memorable brand presence to succeed in the modern business environment. Local SEO can help an establishment gain more visibility on search engines. Google usually prioritizes local businesses over others in results, especially if they have a robust online presence. With local search engine optimization, you can optimize a company’s online presence and improve their overall reputation. Businesses must encourage customers to provide reviews and star ratings on Google. Companies with higher ratings usually show up at the top of the SERP or Google Maps rankings. The increased visibility makes a brand more memorable and helps it develop a steady audience base. User Experience User-experience is one of the most important influences on a brand’s reputation. If customers have a good experience, they will rate your company well, and that will affect the brand’s reputation. Google SEO can help refine a business’ online presence and user-friendliness. Technical SEO, reputation management, keyword research, and Google My Business management are all aspects of local SEO. Experienced marketers use these strategies to improve your website’s quality, business reputation, and ensure all NAP (name, address, phone number) data is accurate. They also check local directories to make sure there are no mistakes. Such optimization helps improve user-experience significantly. Customers can get information about products or services from a company’s website, check ratings or reviews, and find contact information if they’re satisfied. You just made finding a trustworthy business easier for them through local SEO. Attracting the Right Audience What’s the use of having an online presence if your company doesn’t get converting customers? It is essential to reach people who will come to your store or make a purchase online. Local businesses, especially brick-and-mortar establishments, need to get foot traffic to their location. Google SEO can help with that. Experienced marketers know how to use the right combination of keywords and content to attract converting customers. They will also incorporate keywords for voice search as a large percentage of local search is voice-based. For example, “ABC service – near me” is a very commonly used keyword. Most people use voice search differently from text search, so the keywords are different as well. Comprehensive research and proven local SEO techniques can help businesses attract paying customers. Organic Search Brings More Traffic and Trust Paid ads and other such marketing campaigns may give you some visibility, but search engine users trust organic search results more. It’s common for people to scroll down and skip ads to find real results. Users know that Google lists the most relevant, trustworthy, and good-quality results first, so if a site ranks high, it already has established a level of trust with customers. Local SEO can help you rank higher on search engine results pages by improving website quality, adding intent-based keywords, and building a good reputation. A brand that shows up more often on search engines is more likely to attract converting customers. Search Engine Optimization is a complex, multilayered strategy, but it offers several long-term benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Your Next Step If you want to grow your business revenues, you need to partner with a digital marketing agency that has your back. Contact us today to jump on a strategy session call with agency founder Mike Pedersen