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Learn Why Your Ideal Prospects Are Not Buying From You

I know it’s frustrating to feel like you offer a top-level product or service and yet struggle to get more sales. I work with clients daily on this challenge. It is not a quick fix, but when you follow what I’m about to say below, you will be far ahead of the majority of your competitors.

There are several critical elements that may be keeping you from more sales and revenues. This is a time to reflect on your offering and make it BETTER. This process should be happening at a minimum on a quarterly basis. If your sales and marketing people are not doing this, I urge you to get them to do this NOW!

3 Areas To Focus On

If you have not read the book Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You Got by Jay Abraham, I recommend you do so as soon as possible. Jay mentions three common components that stop people from buying in his book. 

They are:

  1. Financial Reasons: The initial cost or expense of choosing you. And the potential financial loss if the transaction doesn’t work out.
  2. Emotional Reasons: How bad would the client look or feel if their purchase or commitment to you fails to perform?
  3. Measurability: Can it be measured and evaluated to show the tangible impact you or your offering could or should have on the client’s life, business, or career?

Let’s go deeper on each one of these…

The cost of investment is often the most immediate concern for clients. The prospect of financial loss if the investment doesn’t yield the expected return amplifies this concern. To mitigate this barrier, emphasize the value your offering brings. Break down the cost-benefit analysis in clear, quantifiable terms. Highlight past success stories and case studies demonstrating a strong return on investment (ROI). Consider offering flexible payment plans or guarantees that reduce the perceived financial risk. By addressing these financial concerns directly, you make the decision to invest in your offering, which is a logical step forward for the client.
The fear of making a bad decision can be paralyzing. No one wants to feel responsible for a choice that leads to failure, especially in a professional setting where reputation is on the line. To overcome this emotional hurdle, focus on building trust and rapport with your clients. Understand their needs, goals, and fears. Personalize your approach to demonstrate how your offering aligns with their objectives and mitigates potential risks. Offer testimonials and endorsements from satisfied customers to provide social proof. Clients’ emotional reservations diminish when they see that others have succeeded with your help.
Clients want to know that their investment will have a tangible impact. The challenge lies in demonstrating the measurable outcomes of your offering. To address this, establish clear metrics for success early in the sales conversation. Work with the client to define what success looks like for them, whether it’s increased revenue, improved efficiency, or enhanced customer satisfaction. Provide tools, reports, or case studies that show how your offering has achieved these outcomes for others. Being transparent about how results are measured and reported reassures clients that they can evaluate the impact of their decision objectively.

Important. Now, answer all of these objections and concerns on your website. This is a critical exercise you should do to make sure your website content is doing it’s job.

Here’s your homework. Pick one of the above and go deep into the emotions of their brain. Come up with every concern related to finances they may have. You should easily come up with 5-10.

Write it out separately. So for example, one financial concern and one answer or solution to it. Do this for all of them.

When you complete this now you have several content pages that you can drive traffic to so people can quickly find out you understand their concerns and have addressed all of them. This will build trust and credibility and sure to increase your sales.

Remove All Friction

When considering a purchasing decision, human beings are looking for the best solution, not necessarily the least expensive. With this in mind, it’s our job to remove as much friction as possible, enabling them to make an easy decision to go with your offering.

What is friction in the sales process? It’s all the objections, emotional barriers, and concerns your prospects have going on in their mind. I often say to my clients that they have to lead their prospects by hand during the entire process and gauge their responses from an emotional standpoint. Staying present in these moments will allow you to pivot if needed quickly.

Think of what you are asking of your prospects regarding buying from you. The bigger the ask, the more important it is to remove friction. I am going to assume you have a top-notch product or service that you KNOW will help them get what they want. If you do, you should be confident to offer some kind of guarantee. 

I know you may be cringing, but the businesses that do this will WIN every time. You make it a n0-brainer for your prospect to do business with you. 


Start With Smaller Transaction (Offering)

Oftentimes you are offering a product or service that is a bigger investment, and your prospect is not ready to commit to that amount. The solution is breaking down your service or product into smaller pieces and pricing accordingly. This strategy allows them to get. taste of your offering, see quick results and naturally want more of what you offer.

Nearly every product or service can be broken down. Products more be more challenging, but the majority of my clients offer coaching services or are selling their knowledge. In nearly every case, we can work together and accomplish this

Now the last and most important item is how your ideal customer/client makes a purchase. Get your team together again and really hash this out. Come up with your buyer path (journey) that makes sense.

Your Next Step

I work closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches to revamp their business. This is my Business Breakthrough.  This is a deep dive into your business and redoing not only the strategies but creating a high-converting, custom website that will bring in more leads and revenues for you.

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