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It’s Time To Dust Off Your Business Website

When was the last time you updated your business website? Or even worse…when was the last time you even looked at your website?

Many CEOs and business owners downplay the importance of their company website. This is a big mistake! Your business website is the hub to your entire business on the Internet. People will look you up online, even after getting your name from a friend or peer. If your website doesn’t suit them or is hard to navigate you lost them.

This Is An Issue

When you have an old website (2-5 years old) it is no longer optimized for current google best practices, nor is it updated with your most current products, services or upgrades for that matter.

Your website is held together by code, this code can easily break causing your website to show errors, broken links, and even worse, it could take your website down and if you have not checked on it, you wouldn’t even know.

I’ve come across websites that are down, and asked the owner or CEO how long has it been down, and they didn’t know. How much business and money is that costing you in lost customers? You don’t want to think about it, as it could be a big number..

Website Update vs Website Refresh

Many times when I speak to a business owner, they look at their website as an afterthought. Not good! When we find out it’s 5 year’s old they say, “let’s just update it. How much will that cost?” It’s important for me to give you a definition of what a website update is compared to a website refresh.

Website Update

A website update, which we do for all our website maintenance and hosting clients, is for example:

Website Refresh

A website refresh is what most of you should consider if your website is 3 years or older.
A website refresh is basically a new website. Different look and feel. More modern. Built for conversions and built for google (SEO). And designed for the mobile user.

Competitor Research

Take a look at your top competitors’ websites. Do they look better than yours? If so, get your website redone ASAP!

You may not feel a new website is necessary, but what is the lifetime value of one customer to your business? What is the value of the service or product you offer?

When you look at your business seriously, you’ll soon realize having a high-converting, google-optimized and 100% mobile functioning will bring in much more revenue than your old, current website.


A new website is an investment in your business, not an expense. When you think like a growth-minded business owner or even CEO for that matter, your website will make your money.

If built correctly, your new website will set you apart from your competitors and make you the obvious choice for all of of your customers. How powerful is that? What price would you put on that? For many clients I talk to the price they can put on it is 6 figures and sometimes even 7 figures in the lifetime (up to 3 years) of your new website..

Your Next Step

My goal is for you to have a better understanding of the importance of your business website, and not take it lightly.

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